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T3318 Flip Flops (Thailand Made)

High Quality Flip Flops which is made in Thailand.

PVC material with the wavy design can increase the friction between the sole of the foot and the upper of the flip flops, reducing the chance of foot slipping.

Suitable for rainy days, outdoor activities and beach sports.



Sale priceHK$58.00

T3318 Flip Flops (Thailand Made)-Mixstar-YW-US Size: 10-偉豐鞋 WELL SHOE HK-Well Shoe-偉豐鞋-偉豐網-荃灣鞋店-Functional shoes-Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Shoe Store-Tai Wan Shoe-Japan Shoe-高品質功能鞋-台灣進口鞋-日本進口鞋-High-quality shoes-鞋類配件-荃灣進口鞋-香港鞋店-優質鞋類產品-水靴-帆布鞋-廚師鞋-香港鞋品牌-Hong Kong Shoes brand-長者鞋-Hong Kong Rain Boots-Kitchen shoes-Cruthes-Slipper-Well Shoe Hong Kong-Anello-Arriba-休閒鞋-舒適鞋-健康鞋-皮鞋-Healthy shoes-Leather shoes-Hiking shoes
T3318 Flip Flops (Thailand Made) Sale priceHK$58.00