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Care Tips

Autumn is here, it’s time to repair your feet.
The American Podiatric Medical Association points out that autumn is the season for feet to repair, and it is also the time to lay the foundation for keeping the skin on your feet from drying out and cracking in winter. It is recommended to "humidify" your feet once or twice a day: wash your feet with warm water, Skin cream or moisturizing products can be added to the water. After washing, pat dry with hands and apply moisturizer. You can apply more on the heels and sides, but don't apply too much on the toenails and between the toes to avoid creating an ideal living environment for fungi.

**The content and effectiveness of the following information will depend on your individual constitution. You should check with your doctor before use. This page is for personal sharing only, and this website will not bear any responsibility. **

Step 1: Rub your feet with sea salt

Usage: The advantage of rubbing your feet with sea salt is that it can exfoliate and make your skin smooth and clean. Sea salt can also open pores and penetrate deep into them for deep cleansing. If you have acne on your feet, you can also use sea salt to reduce inflammation.

Feeling: The particles of sea salt are relatively large and not as fine as table salt at home. When I take some sea salt and rub it on my feet, I feel a little pain. After all, sea salt is rough. Let the feet be wetted in clean water first. After a while, the salt will melt. After it penetrates into the skin, the feet will feel slightly warm.

Daily care: Since rubbing your feet with sea salt is beneficial, you can actually take care of it yourself at home. The Dead Sea salt used in beauty salons costs more than 700-1,000 yuan per barrel. If you are more ordinary, you can use table salt or bath salt instead. You can also add some body lotion and mix it with the salt and rub it together.

Step 2: Soak your feet in sea salt water

Usage: The feet that have been rubbed with sea salt are soaked in sea salt water as if they have been exercising, just to let them rest. The water is slightly hot, which can open the pores to the maximum extent. The hot water stimulates the nerves and relaxes the feet to the maximum extent. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed to help you sleep soundly. This is also a way to maintain good health.

Feeling: Very relaxing, many people will feel comfortable and want to sleep at this time,

Daily care: Soak your feet every day before going to bed with the salt left after rubbing your feet mixed with water. This time can be long or short, as long as the water is always slightly hot. At this time, listen to some music, or chat, without letting your mind follow anything else to achieve a relaxing effect.
Additional action: For tanned feet, you can use a whitening foot mask afterwards. After making it into a milky form, just use 3 teaspoons and apply it on the instep. It will be cool and comfortable. Generally you can see the change after one use.