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Ballerina Flat Sole

BF Sole brand introduction:

The full name of BFSOLE is "Ballerina Flat Sole", which means that our shoes are very comfortable and durable, as light, compact and elegant as ballet shoes;

All shoes are carefully designed by a team of Korean brand designers, with fashionable designs and bold innovations. The production quality is supervised by a dedicated team of the Korean head office, so that the ergonomic design of the products protects the health of women's feet. 20-30 styles are launched every month. Satisfy and attract guests with different styles and preferences;

ØWe have always insisted on high quality and low price, allowing consumers to experience extremely high comfort and wearing effect, so that the product can achieve: All you need about flats;

Slogan: Leading fashion, pursuit of quality, reasonable price. Attracting the hearts of fashionable customers with exquisite and cute design concepts, diversified designs, high-quality materials, pursuit of foot comfort and reasonable prices;

We are the women’s shoe sponsor of Korean dramas “49 Days” and “Moon Embracing the Sun”;

Brand story:

Every woman loves beauty!

The slender dance of Swan Lake ballet has always touched people's hearts for beauty. The founder of the brand felt that although ballet shoes were beautiful and comfortable, they were fragile and easy to stain and were only suitable for flat stages. Therefore, they integrated the advantages and characteristics of ballet shoes into flat shoes and designed a lightweight, comfortable and beautiful ballet shoe that can be worn daily. Ballet shoes are designed to protect every woman's ankles and pursuit of beauty.

product advantages

Cost-effective products: Choose microfiber artificial leather according to fashionable styles and customer needs;

(The appearance of microfiber leather is very similar to that of real leather; microfiber leather has excellent performance in all aspects, such as the degree of flexion and the brightness of color, and it is also wear-resistant, cold-resistant, breathable and aging-resistant.)

High comfort: The inner shoes and insoles are made of genuine leather. The advantages of genuine leather are breathability, moisture absorption, and deodorization. At the same time, it increases the softness and comfort of the shoe and the foot surface. The soft insole part is specially thickened to 5mm, which is thicker than ordinary leather. The shoes on the Korean market are twice as thick and will not tire easily even if worn for a long time;

In response to market trends and demands, we constantly change, so we launch 60-80 new styles to the market every quarter;

Brand History:

In 2007, BFSOLE was established in South Korea. In just 2 years, it has grown to have more than 50 stores. The main reason is that BFOLE’s design team also launches a large number of new styles (60-80 styles) every season, leading the market trend and making it more popular. Young Korean female artists follow the trend and become a trend indicator of Korean flat shoes;

In 2011, BFSOLE officially entered China. Now, together with South Korea and China, BFSOLE has more than 150 stores; (attached page)

In early 2015, BF SOLE Corporation recognized Weifeng Trading Company’s 40 years of experience, credibility and strength in the Asian shoe market, and sincerely invited the company to become the general agent in Hong Kong to jointly develop Hong Kong, Asian and international business and brands .

Brand target:

From young people to mature women (women aged 16-45);

Office girls, wedding banquets and bridesmaids, parties, evening wear and casual wear, etc.

Product ingredients:

The brand has tested real leather and microfiber artificial leather. The output of microfiber artificial leather is more resistant to scratches and is not prone to mold or deterioration after bad weather. Compared with real leather, the colors are more diverse and more suitable for ladies at work, parties, weddings, parties, evening parties and leisure, etc. They do not need to spend too much time to take care of like real leather shoes, and are suitable for humid weather. In terms of soles, TPR soles, rubber soles, combination soles, and solid wood soles are used to match the design of each shoe style, making them more durable and high-end.

Brand vision:

Become one of the best-selling brands in Hong Kong;

Allow more buyers to enjoy